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I never even started the coaching process It is all up to you with all the tools given. Justin was nice and friendly at first.

Learned a ton and I am a veteran to the industry. Let's face it, we all need a slap in the face every once in a while. That was several months ago.

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Consider this step creating your roadmap for how you will generate leads in Tom Ferry tricked me. CynthiaE I wish there were more than five stars! I sent in my notice this Sunday morning March 5th, am est. No apology from her just told me in a seemingly annoyed tone that we should reschedule then. Yes, democracy has it's inconveniences. A mispronunciation by a presenter in front of an audience of is a minor faux pas but what happened next was a non-starter for me I'm done. Little did I know how telling that would be. If you know your numbers, use your average here.

It may require hearing and seeing things that we may not like or even makes us feel uncomfortable. Dig in and do the work! I love the synergy of the coaches at Tom Ferry, everyone I have come into contact with has been ready to jump in and help me figure out the right mindset to get to the next level.

I guess I'll keep looking. They have a true talent and the ability to know what you like or dislike in a home.

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Thank you Tom Ferry for transforming my life into what it is today. He and his creative team are constantly enhancing our business coaching experience through providing incredible content at in-person training events, launching systems and strategies that increase agent productivity and effectiveness of marketing, or being ten steps ahead of trends in the market.

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The Ultimate Real Estate Business Plan To Hit Your Goals