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It is the standards, so they tell us, that are wrong.

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Numerous errors like these significantly weaken a writer's position on any issue, but they are particularly distracting—or, perhaps, ironically appropriate—when a writer is criticizing the American education system.

Sincethe data suggest that this figure is 31 million although these figures are likely under-reported as described below. A search on Google or Yahoo will yield an extensive list, for those wanting to see the scope of the issue. And now, we dare to require that our children demonstrate a level of integrity they have never seen or even heard about.

I challenge you to go volunteer for week in any classroom in a nearby school and you will realize how hard it is to be a teacher and how underpaid they really are. On another note, several of the commenters on this site could use a refresher course in the basics of Standard English grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

For the piloting analysis, those samples which piloted the instrument before use and used a previously published instrument are dark red PYwhile those using an established instrument without piloting are pale blue PN.

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These foreign students [from all Latin countries, India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc] are given tuition waivers, a stipend, and more opportunities to conduct studies, but the American students are left out in the cold with student loans to pay back for the rest of their lives.

Terese Depoy, an Arizona substitute teacher and writer, says she contacted essaywriters. These characteristics are in complete contrast to the factors associated with an increased likelihood of engaging in cheating as described in the introduction.

Our children are placed under our guidance for a reason;if they see us cheat, be dishonest, kill, steal or abuse powers and laws as corporate america and government have-what on Gods earth do you expect?

The higher performing schools receive a larger share of the money, which as a teacher, makes no sense to me.

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Example: "There's a bus strike, so I can't get in to school today.

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