See what i mean video report

A little stability goes a long way. Since Evan has k subscribers to his channel, it gives me visibility in front of an audience that I may not have. Whatever you do, make sure the captions are accurate. You can produce a viral video using just the phone in your pocket and a free video editor.

Facebook native videos have more impressions than YouTube videos shared on Facebook. People on Quora are looking specifically for in-depth information that solves their problems. Oh, and make sure you get a link to your channel!

Second, add a backdrop. As long as you give away something valuable, you should have no problem getting featured.

See what i mean video report

Embed your video Embedding your videos has two purposes. Your videos might get a lot more shares using this one simple technique. Use tags that are super relevant to your topic. To see the report, go to your channel icon and click on Creator Studio. But like I said, if you have some ordinary house lamps laying around, you can use those, too. Not as popular. Share on Quora Quora is one of the best places to share your videos. You want to include your focus keyword in your video title, and you should also solve a problem with your title. The overall value of sharing on social is greater than just the views you will get on those platforms. As long as you give away something valuable, you should have no problem getting featured. I get that not everyone can afford a pro-level studio setup.

So tweet those videos! Seriously, your iPhone and Android devices are pretty much all you need. Surprisingly there may be easier wins in adapting and animating print or outdoor advertising, itself inherently designed for quick and instant communication, than trying to squeeze 30 or 60 second videos down into a newsfeed friendly format.

Then, see if any keywords bring up video results.

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