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We can conclude that Jorge has traveled farther than Maria for any time after 40 minutes. Maria takes her bicycle. The height of the bar for Science is Read the title of the graph or chart. How many printers does the office need to have in order to be able to print 15 pages per minute? We actually have two bars that show the midterm in blue and then the final exam in red. How many questions did she solve that day? So, she solved 90 questions on Wednesday. It looks like in the midterm, if I had to guess, this looks like about a, I don't know, it looks like she got maybe about a 72 or 73 on the midterm. We can conclude that 3 printers are needed. How many points did James score? To interpret a graph or chart, read the title, look at the key, read the labels. How many more points should Zachary score to equal Raymond's score?

And then finally Marta, right over here, it looks like she actually got worse from the midterm to the final. Now let's look at Alejandra. Exercise 3 The graphs below displays the number of men and women who are exercising in the gym in the afternoon.

Here is a typical example. So, she solved 90 questions on Wednesday.

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To interpret a graph or chart, read the title, look at the key, read the labels. After 40, the solid line is above the dashed line. It will explain symbols and colors used in the graph or chart. If you want to see the answer, put your mouse on the yellow rectangle and the answer will appear.

How many questions did she get wrong on Monday? So Nevin and Jasmine right now, based on the three we've seen, are tied for the lead. You can put the bars next to each other in a monthly chart that just displays the relative sales of each color, or you can stack the three color bars on each other to display next to similar bars for other months.

How many points did James score? One question that we may ask is, "After 2 hours how far has the car traveled?

How to interpret graphs and charts

Fifty percent of pants sold may be brown, 40 percent blue sold, and 10 percent red. We will see how to find a value of y given a value of x. So she's definitely not the most improved. Reading and Interpreting Graphs In this lesson we will look at how to gain information from a graph. First notice that 15 pages per minute corresponds to a value on the vertical axis. So if we look at Jasmine right over here, might as well start with her since she's the most to the left. Solution This example differs from the last one in that it gives the "y" value and asks us to find the "x" value. Answer Now lets look at an example that asks us to find "x" when we know "y". On which day did she solve the most number of questions? It looks like on the midterm she maybe got an 81 or an
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How to Read Graphs: 4 Steps (with Pictures)