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Objective of the systematic map Primary objectives The primary objectives of this systematic map will be to answer the following questions. Cassava farming and processing is still very much lucrative and highly profitable. Through these efforts, appreciable progress has been made in genetic improvement, agronomic practices, root storage and in the development of processing technology and rural infrastructure. A single farming season spent in cassava farming and processing can hand you the key to financial freedom. My business meets a need and demand for hunger in Nigeria There are over million people in Nigeria ready to access our packages product for food consumption, raw materials for confectionery industry, and the international market are waiting for more supplies. They will confirm for you whether your site will generate high yield of cassava and what variety of cassava will be most suitable to plant. However, what is not available in these manuals, or elsewhere, is a systematic map of these scientific studies. We will also exclude studies of the post-harvest management of cassava e. Some of the meals are: garri, wheat-flour, animal feed, commercial caramel, and a lot more. Figure 1. You will require capital to purchase land, acquire farming and processing machinery, cost of labor, etc. Remains of leguminous plants should also be left or tilled into the ground to improve soil nutrients. Indeed, it is grown by almost every household. Useful and related posts.

Farmers are generally aware of the benefit of inorganic fertilizer, but the commodity is scarce and a major constraint in cultivating improved varieties.

Government intervention and the efforts of non-governmental organizations in the cassava subsector have led to a number of measures that support the production, processing and marketing of cassava, dating back to the s.

Nigeria, as well as most parts of West Africa, has land which is very cassava friendly.


Of this area, 71 million ha 77 percent are considered cultivable; about 32 million ha 45 percent of the total cultivable land area are cultivated. Based on this systematic map, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and other forms of evidence synthesis [ 18 ] could be used to summarize the impacts of these recommended management practice on multiple outcomes and not only agricultural outcomes, but also environmental outcomes.

The design of such machines should be gender-sensitive, bearing in mind the cardinal role of women in processing; strengthening of extension-farmer linkage with research to facilitate the ongoing spread of cultivars, management practice and processing techniques.

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It is produced with relevant purchased inputs as frequently as and in some cases more frequently than other staples. To supplement these two approaches, the Rapid Rural Appraisal RRA methodology was adopted to provide information that the literature and personal interviews could not supply. Screening We will screen publications in two stages: 1 using titles and abstracts and 2 using full texts. These gains would need to be sustained, especially through a diversification of usage of cassava for industrial purposes, hence this case study would help in formulating a future strategy for the realization of this important goal. This will save labour and improve the efficiency of processing, raise the quality and enhance marketability of products. Sample cassava farming business plan pdf to Cassava farming requires water; it is best for you to start planting early usually immediately the rains begin to ensure rapid growth and maximum yield. Another challenge that may surface is finding the good variety of cassava stem to plant. This opens up a lot of doors for you as an entrepreneur especially in the processing and export sector.

Reasons you should invest in cassava farming, fast. This includes: trends in cassava production and utilization between and at the national level and by major cassava-producing states within the country; major interventions, both at the national and state levels, that have influenced the evolution of the cassava sector, including: changes in the development model adopted by the country e.

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Farmers are generally aware of the benefit of inorganic fertilizer, but the commodity is scarce and a major constraint in cultivating improved varieties. First, it is rich in carbohydrates especially starch and consequently has a multiplicity of end uses. It has also been suggested that cassava could be more resilient to climate change than other staple crops [ 4 ]. In this post, I will show you why you should consider giving it a go and how to start your very own cassava farming and processing business. At each stage, we will decide whether to include or exclude a publication in the map, based on the eligibility criteria see below. What is the distribution and abundance of studies between different practices, outcomes, countries, and years? Cassava processing by traditional methods is labour-intensive but the application of improved processing technology has reduced processing time and labour and encouraged further production.

Secondary objectives The secondary objectives of this systematic map will be to test the usability of 1 a classification of farming practices, and 2 a classification of agricultural and environmental outcomes, both of which could be reused for systematic maps of other crops.

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