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The home office buyers tend to want immediate, local solutions to problems. Limited partnerships, or LPs, are a bit more complicated.

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Socioeconomic profile — income, lifestyle preference. Step Four: Predict Make a well-founded and thoroughly educated prediction using data gleaned via careful and comprehensive research.

Do any obstacles to success stand in your way? Minus initial equipment and the cost of your own time, expenses are minimal. How will they know you care?

Training, service, installation, networking support—all of this must be readily available and priced to sell and deliver revenue. What do you do best? Completing a SWOT analysis gives you a good feel for what your strengths are, and where you can improve. Is there packaging?

We need to establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative to the price-only kind of buying for our target market.

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The name of any other owners or key partners. Step 3. We sell the assurance to small business people that their business will not suffer any information technology disasters or critical downtimes.

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How to Write the Perfect Business Plan