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I think the whole point was that it was two souls that fell in love with each other. A second girl was born and Alma wanted to stay in town near the clinic because the child had an asthmatic wheeze.

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In there was nothing like that on TV. The next week Joe Aguirre sent word to bring them down, another, bigger storm was moving in from the Pacific, and they packed in the game and moved off the mountain with the sheep, stones rolling at their heels, purple cloud crowding in from the west and the metal smell of coming snow pressing them on.

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Their lives settle down into a routine, punctuated less often than Jack would like by "fishing trips. Their story begins in Wyoming inwhen Ennis Heath Ledger and Jack Jake Gyllenhaal are about 19 years old and get a job tending sheep on a mountainside.

By rights I should be spendin the night here.

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Late in the afternoon, thunder growling, that same old green pickup rolled in and he saw Jack get out of the truck, beat-up Resistol tilted back. Ennis got on the highway crew, tolerating it but working weekends at the Rafter B in exchange for keeping his horses out there. What could he say? After actor Heath Ledger died in January from a drug overdose, Gibson was widely criticized for mocking the deceased actor hours after the news broke. Tweet Ennis tells Jack about something he saw as a boy. She intimated that Scientologists had something to do with it, and that Philip Seymour Hoffman 's acting in the film Capote required less skill than that required of the actors in Brokeback Mountain. Ennis picked out a big chestnut called Cigar Butt to ride, Jack a bay mare that turned out to have a low startle point.

Ennis who remembers what he saw as a boy: "This thing gets hold of us at the wrong time and wrong place and we're dead.

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Heath Ledger hated Brokeback Mountain ‘gay jokes’ says Jake Gyllenhaal